Radial Fans

Fans are machines that pressurize air and other gases to move in a certain flow path (from one place to another). Good fan; It is the fan which consumes the least energy and has the lowest cost when performing the desired performance.
However, the least costly fan is not always the best price, because the fans consume hundreds of times the initial investment costs during their lifetime. Therefore, we design and manufacture the Industrial Type Radial Fans are designed to combine performance, efficiency and cost criteria.

Radial fans can be manufactured with different materials in order to work in high temperature, corrosive and corrosive media applications.

We produce radial fans;
100 m3 / h ---- 1000.000 m3 / h flow rate
0 mmSS ---- 3.000 mmSS pressure
-30 / +500 ° C operating temperature range and
It is in the range of 1.1 kW ---- 3000 kW spindle power capacity.

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