Vibrating Screens

Sieves can be manufactured as one, two, three and four floors. The top propelled sieves aim to increase the sieving capacity and quality, as well as the advantage of many of the uses.
When the feed material comes into contact with the back of the screen, it is accelerated to the front side, which allows the material height on the screen surface to decrease rapidly and uniformly to the screen surface. In the meantime, a large part of the thin material in the first one meter allows to pass quickly, so that the load of the most loaded area of the screen, quickly distributed and balanced. After that, the material which is distributed near the sieve surface and close to the remaining size is slowed down and effectively eliminated.

It is designed to meet your needs precisely thanks to its high strength, adjustable weight system, vibration control and special design with high sieving efficiency.
TypeNominal Sizes (mm)Motor Power (kW/rpm)Weight (1 Storey) kgWeight (2 Storey) kgWeight (3 Storey) kgWeight (4 Storey) kg
MBCS 10201000x20002,2-3/1500120014501850
MBCS 10251000x25003-4/1500160019002250
MBCS 10301000x30004/15002000240027503250
MBCS 12301200x30005,5/1500255031003450
MBCS 12351200x35005,5/1500315034003800
MBCS 12401200x40007.5/1500470049005500
MBCS 15401500x400015/1500580065006900
MBCS 16501600x500015/1500680079008250
MBCS 20502000x500022/15008200890011500
MBCS 20602000x600030/15001350014300
MBCS 24602400x600030-37/15001550015800
MBCS 25632400x700045/150017500