Jaw Crushers

It is the oldest and most widely used type of crusher that breaks from the soft bed of the river bed or stone quarries to the hardest basalt, by compressing one between the stationary and the other two movable jaws. The movable jaw that performs the crushing event is suspended from the body with the help of the camshaft drive shaft and supported by the safety plate to the crusher body.
Our jaw crushers' high flywheel speeds, jaw grabbing angles, pitmanlar safety plates and rear blocks of the special geometries of the high performance, full reliability, high durability and user-friendly adjustment mechanisms provide users with unique operating advantages. Low operating expenses and easy maintenance facilities one of the most important features.
TypeNominal Sizes (mm)Out Gap (mm)Capacity (t/s)Motor Power kW/rpmWeight (kg)
MBCS 90900x65060-15050-20075/100011000
MBCS 1101100x850100-200100-300132/100033000
MBCS 1301300x1000125-250275-600160/100043000