The Spiral Washer is used for separating the materials with ground dust and foreign particles in them. Spiral is divided into 3 groups as bucket and drum.

Spiral washers are divided into single and double according to their capacities.
 Nominal Sizes (mm)Capacity 0-3 mm. (m³/s)Capacity 0-7 mm. (m³/s)Motor Power (kW)Weight (kg)
TekliMBCS 148133/15001000
TekliMBCS 1512204/15001500
TekliMBCS 1618305.5/15002400
ÇiftliMBCS 2416272X5.52300
ÇiftliMBCS 2525422X7.52800
ÇiftliMBCS 2635552X7.55200